‘Protanopia’ is an experimental and surreal, feature-length horror film from writer/directer Matthew Mahler, an independent filmmaker from Long Island, New York.

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After Luke’s sister goes missing, he begins having dreams of a strange house. Unbeknownst to him, that house is owned by Alan Roscoe Jr., passed down to him after the recent death of his father. But something about this house isn’t quite right, and Al Jr. seems to tend to it in strange and disturbing ways.


Timothy J. Cox as Alan Roscoe Jr.
Anthony Carey as Luke Spellman
Paula Mahler as Janice
John Mahler as Alan Roscoe Sr.
James Chase as Mallory Spellman
John Heerlein as Detective
Ross Mahler as Jim
Barbara Mahler as Gladys
Matthew Mahler as Jack
Andrea Norell as Vanessa

Executive Producers

Brannan Durham | Cianan Allen-Meyer | Dennis Heerlein | Samantha Heerlein | Evan Jordan | Jack Quader | Jenna Skeen | John Heerlein | Traci Heerlein | John Conner | Joseph Bossarte | Julianne Boyd | Kyle McMahon | Laurie Oddo | Paul Oddo | Maggie Kurth | Michael Novelli | Perry Fairchild | Spleez0rz | Timothy J. Cox | T.J. Mancini | Tracy Mahler | Victor McCrory


Jim Heffernan | Sergey Kochergan | Courtney Gentile | Bill Lopez | Gary MacKnight | Taylor Norell | Shane Mitchell | Andrew McCarrick | Andrea Norell | Stephen Martin | Alan Klein | John Oddo | Dori Oddo | Brian Bondurant | Michael Davison

Special Thanks

Kevin Savona | Fred Horvát | Sarah Kramer | Finn Tekverk | Nina Rossetti | Gavin Zinzell | Matthew Muller | Ben Graham | Alexis Bruno | Gavin Zinzell | Melanie Rosete | The Creative Fund by BackerKit | Nick Bavaro | Morgan Mahler | Kyle McMahon | Rich McKnight